Cambodian and Korean Food

Cambodian Food

There are whole books available about Cambodian food, and I was only there for a short time, so I don’t have much to add here. In fact, I think the best thing I can do is list a few links (but watch out for cookies (not the edible kind)). If it seems like a bit of a cheek to have a page for this, I can only say that, since I’ve visited Cambodia, I feel entitled to say thay the food I had there was pretty good, similar to Thai cuisine, but less aggressively chilli-hot. Sadly, I was unable to sample any ome-cooked meals.

This site has some nice pictures, but no recipes:

The one below here includes links to the recipes at the bottom of sometimes very long pages, which go into, in my opinion, quite interesting detail about the origins of the dishes. If you don’t want the reading matter, just scroll down to near the bottom of the individual pages.

Korean food

Again, I make no claim to be an expert in Korean cuisine, and there are plenty of books available on the subject, of varying quality. I can, however, recommend one of the many websites, this one written by a Korean-American. There is no way I can improve on what you can find on this site. Click on the image below (of a fairly typical Bibimbap) to visit it.

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