Nearby Shanhaiguan

There are a number of other places to visit outside of Shanhaiguan town, but unfortunately not all of them are easily accessible by public transport.

Changshoushan, Famous Doctors and Five Buddhas


About nine miles 15 kilometers from Shanhaiguan, the Great Wall runs from the southern mountains to the bank of Jiujiang River, then spans the river and forces its way up to the northern mountains. This section is Jiumenkou, known as the “Great Wall over Water”. Owing to the strategic location, many battles took place there. Nowadays, it has been developed into a scenic area characterized by the Jiumenkou Pass and the Ming Dynasty Tunnel. (Unfortunately, the lighting in the tunnel was useless for taking pictures.)

Administratively, it belongs to Suizhong County, Huludao, Liaoning Province, but it is closer and easier to get to from Shanhaiguan. However, there is no public transport to take you there. It is accessible by local taxi from Shanhaiguan, costing as much as you are willing to pay (as usual, the driver will try to squeeze you for as much as possible. They are unlikely to take you there at the meter price, because of the time it takes), but beware – you have no guarantee of a taxi being available to take you back, unless you are able to negotiate that with your driver. Still, it is worth a visit if you don’t mind bargaining or hitch-hiking.

Lertao Seaside Amusement Park

On the way towards central Qinhuangdao (Haigang District), this is a family resort with lots for children to do. It’s not really my sort of place, but I did visit once with my Tourism students.

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